UYSA is more than a football training Club

Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is much more than a football training club.

The academy was set up to provide children from the slums of Kampala with education and nutrition; in addition to sports training.

“Children wishing to undertake our training programmes – must be prepared to study basics in Mathematics, English and other academic curricular,” stressed Mr Ivan Kakembo – the Academy founder.

Kakembo underlines UYSA aim as offering opportunities to the disadvantaged youth of Uganda through football and education.

The Academy targets children of all ages – boys and girls; regardless of their religion, economic status and political affiliations.

Working in partnership with the local schools, UYSA ensures that the education of its members is enhanced.

The Academy also runs humanitarian projects, including empowering women and girls; ‘Kick Out Malaria;‘ and ‘the Fight against HIV/Aids.’ 

IT is good and the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA) appreciate the donations from Computers 4 Africa.

Following a visit from Kakembo and Doreen Ssali, the Academy Director and Co-director, were presented with two laptops from donors in the UK and Europe. 

The computers are being used to monitor and keep a record of the children that are enrolled with Uganda Youth Soccer Academy sports and charity programs. They are used so they can email their European sponsoring families during the hard times of the lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our coach teaching some of the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA) children some computer skills with on of the laptops donated from Computers 4 Africa.

Morgan Hopkins – Head of Beneficiary Management said:

“Some of the most disadvantaged young people in Uganda are being supported by Youth Soccer Academy through education and soccer. Computers 4 Africa is honoured to donate two laptops, which will provide the kids with a taste of IT and facilitate a better system of administration.”

Ivan Kakembo – Founder of Uganda youth Soccer Academy:

“I can’t find words to thank you, for your kind gesture toward the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy but, again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reaching out to us.”

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