Uganda Youth Soccer Academy continues to seek justice

Local football politics in Uganda has over the time, consumed the biggest portion of the sport’s developmental strategies as factions battle to hawk their respective schemes.

Whereas warring parties hide under the available guiding principles to execute their hidden missions, the would-be final beneficiaries, suffer the consequences of such circumstances. As football fans were still coming to terms with the reality associated to The Cranes’ miserable performance in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, a misunderstanding that could easily tear-up one of the sport’s affiliate with Fufa, cropped up.

Apparently, bad blood seems to be flowing between Fufa and the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy – UYSA. UYSA, whose existence in Uganda can be, traced back to 2007 to specifically empower boys and girls in urban slums of Kampala, insists that the sport’s mother body- Fufa through its agency – the Uganda Youth Football Association – UYFA has over time suppressed their efforts to fulfill its objectives.

The academy directors; through Kikomeko, Kayiira and Co. Advocates want Fufa’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee to declare Uganda Youth Football Association – UYFA’s actions in the country before its incorporation in September, 2021 as illegal.

Mr Ivan Kakembo - one of the UYSA directors.
Mr Ivan Kakembo – one of the UYSA directors.

“Empowering Girls and Women in Urban Slums, is an entrepreneurial skills Development Project, developed and being implemented by Uganda Youth Soccer Academy to benefit orphaned girls; widows as well as single mothers in Urban Slums in Uganda,’ emphasizes, Ivan Kakembo – one of the UYSA’s directors.

Why girls and women in improving lives

An educated girl or mother; an active citizen and ambitious entrepreneur or prepared employee – can easily break the poverty cycle.

“According to the laws of Uganda, an institution is regarded as legally existing after incorporation or registration under the necessary laws.

“This therefore means that all the actions of UYFA prior to their incorporation/registration were null and void and to that extent illegal and fraudulent in nature.

 “It’s also questionable how a UYFA non existing body then acquired registration a Fufa member and then mandated to manage youth football in Uganda,” reads, in part the letter, also copied to the Fufa CEO, NCS General Secretary as well as UYFA.

Fufa Director of Communication – Ahmed Hussein sounded guarded in his response to Zaabu Media when contacted about the issue on November 19.

“All football matters and concerns are handled by our competent judicial bodies. It is important to note that all stakeholders must follow the rules and regulations,” he noted.

But Kakembo maintains that all available avenues had been explored to have the issue solved amicably, without any yields.

Zaabu Media learnt impeccable sources how the rift between the two parties had emanated from the fact that UYFA – a non-existing entity had declined to renew UYSA operating licence due to unknown reasons.

Kakembo, currently undertaking a Fifa Management Diploma Course in London, asserts that he is a victim of political persecution for challenging Fufa boss – Mr Moses Magogo in Fifa over the ‘criteria, procedure, eligibility prerequisites and preconditions for nomination as a Presidential Candidate in an unprecedented, vexatious, frivolous, bad in law and practice, irrational, irregular, marred with eminent malice and bias, discriminating, very prohibitive, non-inclusive, apathetic and deterrent in every nature and form.’

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